winking lizard tavern tour of beers

Our 36th Year of Exploring Great Beers!

The 2022 Tour of Beers marks our 36th year of exploring the world through import and craft beer!  It has been a rough couple of years, but we promise to get you the most varied selection of beers available anywhere in Ohio. We have partnered with some new breweries as well as still offering the beers we consider classics.

We will soon have some new features coming your way. We have partnered up with a company called BeerBoard. BeerBoard is our back office software company allowing us to track and market our one-off beers with a QR code menu designed to work with each of our locations. This new feature will hopefully be available no later than March 1 of this year. This one feature will allow us to bring many more beers to your attention-both draft and package!

We listened to you and have brought back the numbers in front of all tour beers, so it is easier for you to keep track using our Tour of Beers App.  We also are still giving credit for both pint and 22oz beers.  The cost hasn't changed. It is still only $20 to sign up and we give it back to you with a Lizard Loot card when you reach the 100-beer mark goal.

Once signed up at your preferred Winking Lizard location, this will be considered your home store. You can receive credits for beers at any Winking Lizard or Lizardville location. Credits for beers are available for both dine-in and to-go.

Ready to Sign Up?  Here's How....

1. Visit any of our locations and sign up for the Tour with your server or bartender.

2. Pay the $20 sign-up fee.

3. You will receive a physical Tour card with a unique tour number that will track your progress. The location you sign up will be considered your "home store" and is where your prizes will be available for pick-up when earned.

4. Register your card using the link below..

5. While discovering and drinking craft beers, you will earn credits that are good towards some cool prizes. Credits can be earned at all Winking Lizard Taverns and Lizardvilles (draft beer only).

6. Each time you visit a location, be sure to hand your server or bartender your Tour card to receive credit for the beers purchased.

7. You have the calendar year to add credits on your Tour!

Let's get touring! Sign up with the link below. 

Tourists, you can use the link to login and to see your status and beer list!